DQS 11..From Fear to Finish

This is a practice piece, I have three other started...I am thinking about this little flower in its flower pot as a signature piece for the back of the quilts/mini quilts I make. I love the fact that it using a variety of techniques..piecing, applique, dimension with yo yo's, and embroidery. This is a work in progress,,,,,,Photography is also a work in progress and needs a bit of work. I find nighttime photography extremely difficult.. A class may be in my near future.....  I was encouraged by the feedback received form the Flickr group... Need to put this on the back burner...as it is time to move forward with the "quilt"...

At this point, I am in need of suggestions for fabric lines that are focusing on citrus color ways...Any suggestions?

A trip to my local fabric shop , a discussion with the great staff that works there and I found myself with this lovely pallet of citrus colors. Feedback from the DQS11 swap led me to believe that I was on the right track!!!

Back later....With more of the adventure to tell....


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