Pink Slipper

UPDATE.....Yeah!!!!!!... The first box has arrived and Joyce has a note on the Pink Slipper Project Page...Check it out and join me in making  a "200 pair" pledge happen!!!!!!

Checking out the website for the Pink Slipper project reminds me of just how many individuals are in need. There are four new challenges asking for assistance that have been noted in the past two weeks.  I need to reconnect with both Joyce and Deborah to see what we can do as a coordinated effort to try to meet one of the challenges.

There are 200 Sewing Buddies... Should we challenge the group as a whole to donate 200 pair of slippers? I have completed several pair (12 and counting) of crazy rag slippers  and will be sending them off the last week in March. My hopes are that I will have some knitted slippers to add to the box...I have asked several knitters in Walpole if they would whip up some of those warm cozy slippers like my grandmother used to make for all of us...

Waiting for the final count. I will post a photo before we send them off...
Trying to get photos into this space as inspiration.. I do apologize for the quality of the photos, I am in search of a new camera... and perhaps some better lighting.... Please look at the photos for the essence of slipper, rather than the expertise of the photographer... Thanks...

One Seam-Rag Slipper Pattern found on the Pink Slipper Project Site . I just couldn't resist, I have added a couple of twists.....

Instead of cutting into the seam I have used the handy pinking shears!!!

I was a bit concerned about the slippers staying on a little
persons feet so........
A couple of buttons, several hair elastics and a simple
casing made for a cute removeable strap .
I hope Joyce will let me know if my adjustments work!!

Double Knit Slippers

Then there are the double knit slippers that Rice Grammie used to make for everyone...This pattern can also be found on the Pink Slipper Project Site...

Counter Reads 1/2

Counter Reads 3/4/5

Counter Reads 6/7

Counter Reads 8/9

Counter Reads 10/11/12

Counter Reads 13/14
Counter Reads 15/16

Counter Reads17/18

Counter Reads19/20

My original Post asked for the Sewing Buddies to Pledge to make one pair of slippers each. Looking forward to hearing for the Sewing Buddies of Whipstitch Blog.. I am moving forward with  the pledge by asking my neighbors in the Walpole Woods to assist.   
I have 20 pair of knit slippers to mail Monday, April 4, 2012.
180 to go......
A second package with the Crazy Rag Slippers and a couple of questions???
Counter Reads 21/22

Counter Reads 23

Counter Reads 24/25

Counter Reads 26/27

Counter Reads 28

Counter Reads 29/30/31/32
              168 to go......

It would be great for you to hop of board and help out with this 200 pair challenge..Let me know if you are interested....
Have a great day!!!!!