July and August 2011
1. Mug Rug Swap    #1 Sent/Recieved    #2 Sent/Recieved
2. Santa Swap    #1 Sack+2Sent
3. Potholder Pass#1 Sent/Received
4. Bag Swap#1 Sent/Received
5. Linen Towel#1 Sent/Received
7. Sewn Spaces Swap Secret Partner  Sent/Received.... Read The Post Below
9.ALFALC Sent/Recieved
10.Haiku MugRug Sent/Recieved
11.LQSVS Sent/Recieved
12. DS Quilt SwapSent/Recieved

September 2011
1. Fabric Post Card Swap  Summer Theme due 9/15 Sent/Recieved
Mug Rug Adventure Three..Holiday Theme..Partner Choice due 10/31
2. DS
3. Little Quilt Book

 July and  August 2011.....Sewn Spaces Swap.... Continued (Creating a needlebook)

My partner is a very interesting young woman. She has many interests and is like me, a teacher. She loves the color red, but has heart for purple as well. After finding my focus fabric and starting to pull together fabrics I began to sketch and to search for needle case tutorials. I found rectangles, and circles, embellished , embroidered and with teeny tiny hexies.

(Check out my mosaic..Click on the mini and it will take you to Flicker.) I was so overwhelmed that I set my drawings aside and just read the postings for awhile. Then...my creativity hit late last night... I got my mojo back and started stripping fabric....I found an outrageous focus fabric and let it take over...

Here is a sneaky peak of my 
creation for my swap partner....
I have extended my love for linen. I never would have put linen and quilting cottons together before I creating my mug rug for Shannon. I love to "design" my own fabric to use in projects..I found this funky piece of fabric with jazz cats and started playing with fabrics. Sometimes choosing fabrics is the most difficult part of a project. I audition many many fabrics before I choose a final combination. You should see my work table, I may have 15-20 pieces of fabric fanned out to audition. I must say that since I have a new way to store my fabrics it is a bit more controlled.
The audition is over and I have chosen 3 purples, different shades..a dark and a light, along with a pattern that adds a pop of green.

I think I will create  a tutorial for this needle case...It has been so much fun...This design process could work for any fabric you choose, whether it is a grouping of simple prints you like  or a wild ... that will require some fussy cutting like the "jazz cats" lent itself to.
Here is a mosaic of the finished needlebook.... The front and back feature the jazz band. Each section is fussy cut and surrounded by linen pieces...this allows you to then piece blocks together to make you fabric template... The three accent purples fabrics provide a bit of whimsy as they are placed diagonally and used to finish of the end and sides. Just for fun I added a little pincushion that is attached with a magnetic snap.... Lazy cat is sitting back and enjoying the band...

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