Saturday, July 18, 2009

The "Yo-Yo" Revival....

Afternoon, It has been about a week since I wrote. Life in the Walpole Woods has been very busy. Our website is ready to edit, new children's jackets are on the drawing table readying themselves for a fall preview, and orders are coming in for new handbags. One of our goals was to share sewing techniques as we encountered great tutorials. The yo-yo is making quite a splash, it can be found embellishing handbags, dresses or adorning Walpole Waddlers. This little technique was first taught to me by my grandmother McFarland. Gram hailed from Matinicus Island where she met and married my grandfather, a captain on a party boat out of Christmas Cove. Gram would sit on the sun porch of their home overlooking the cove and sew baskets full of yo-yo's to be used to create beautiful quilts to cover the many beds in their boarding house. I,too, sat for many hours sewing little circles and listening to the stories about my ancestors. Please join me in the "yo-yo " revival. As I searched the Internet I found the following tutorial located on a charming blog, dariciaray .

My Walpole Waddler...Gracie showcases the yo-yo..

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