Monday, July 6, 2009

The Next Journey

On July 15th our website ( will reopen to showcase a children's line of clothing and accessories. It was time to expand, and so with expansion comes new ventures through the internet. And so with that said...."Welcome to our new blog! " From the Walpole Woods is a place for us, at Patricia B Studio, to post ideas we've found as we flip through pages of our vast assortment of books or as we search the internet; a place to keep and share our "next" projects. As we have "aha moments", a better way to set a seam or to embellish a smock, or find a recipe or two that have sparked our taste bud, we will share with you. Sharing and trading ideas as we all grow to become recognized artisans in our media.

A bit about me.... I am a native of Christmas Cove , Maine. I grew up on Rutherford's Island where the swing bridge was always in motion, letting the fisherman and pleasure boats enter. We used to ride the bridge as it opened and closed, I would lean over the rail dreaming about what journey faced each boat that passed. My journey with fiber and fabrics began at three years old as I played in my mother's sewing room, creating tiny little treasures with the scraps that fell from the cutting table. Sitting with pencil, design board and fabrics scattered about has been my dream for many years. Family and teaching commitments have kept me from pursuing this dream until recently when my daughter, Melissa, began marketing my designs. It all started with the request for the perfect handbag. Our journey as Patricia B Studio began. Our recent expansion into other lines was prompted by client request and my own need to create. Join us on this NEXT JOURNEY.......

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