Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Files off into the Webzone

The logo is ready, a bit in need to clarity, but acceptable. The files are off to the web designers e-mail address and it is time to sit back and wait. I have been invited to preview the rough draft of our new website on Friday. Fingers are crossed that all of the files and photos made it from my little town in Maine to the designers table across the country.

As the 4th of July (or as my daughter used to say, the 4th of Lujy) weekend came upon us we found ourselves scurrying to find the right packaging to showcase our line of Walpole Waddlers. We tried many many containers, boxes, organza bags and nothing seemed to allow all of the charming features to be seen. A walk through Micheal's and a negotiation with the manager found us with a back seat full of the most wonderful clear craft paintcans.

Just the right thing... The Cricut made scads of grass clippings, the green packaged crinkle made soft footing, just the right angle for each Waddler. We wanted our Walpole Waddlers to appear as if they were dancing in the new soft grass.
Top the whole thing off with a Cricut made gift card and envelope with a grosgrain ribbon as a finish. And we had it...A delightful gift package, fit for any newborn tootsies. And here you have them, almost all packaged and getting ready to go. Our first shipment off .Wow! What a great feeling....Make it a great evening....

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