Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week Two...Mini Quilt SewALong

My mini quilt for this week is a true true mini... I was part of the Fabric PostCard Swap and, due to major time crunching...decided to meld the two together..I have made two of these mini quilts...one that has gone off to my partner and one that is hanging on my sewing room wall. I have to tell you all that this is a project I started in week one and have finally finished in week two...My hopes are that by week 4, all projects are complete and all new learning goals have been attempted. This weeks finished project is also referenced in my Flicker space.

I thought about what my new learnings should be this week and came up with this list:

1.Try a new project I have not done before; A Fabric Post Card. How many of you have ever tried this new medium..I didn't realize tat it existed until I was searching Flickr for mini quilts to add to my favorites photostream. Next I began checking fabric postcards out all across the internet, there are many many amazing creations out there..I found that they are even for sale on Etsy.... How did I ever miss these little jewels..
And so...... Mini mini is the catch word for this week..A fabric postcard is just that, postcard size, your blank canvas is just 4" X 6". The challenge is to accomplish within those confines your message, but not loose all of the detail. Quilted Post Cards by Cheryl Haynes, Barbara Cooley and Beth Davis  provided me with the basic structure and qualifications for the post card. This little book  had some very nice, very basic design elements already  at a post card size. Pencil in hand, graph paper to the side, I started drawing... to complicated....to small..to large... AND THEN...just right...

2. Bargello style was the goal for quilting technique.  
Ah..hah!!! Finally a design that works....This is a "wonky" bargello "style" background..I happened upon this technique when I was checking out my flickr friends photostreams. I say, wonky, because this is a new technique for me and I wasn't really sure of how to adhere it to the backing. After sewing strips together and cutting 1/2" strips from that, I attempted to sew and flip each of the mini strips to the backing. Maybe not such a good idea...they began to get a bit"wonky" and were difficult to hold the size....but I do think for this project it makes the perfect background...wonkiness and all. As always when I try something new... I have learned a couple of things to not do!!!! and a couple I need to do!!! I really need some more practice with bargello....

My challenge for the swap was to design a summer postcard. Does this background bring summer to your mind? Does it bring a summer garden, a summer ocean or a summer beach???

The background needed a focus that shouted "summer". I found some perfect summer colors, cut out those flower petals and then stopped...OOOPS... How should I outline the iron on pieces? I di a lot of experimenting with a variety of ways to use the  stitches on my old faithful Janome. The leaves have just a basic vein free-motion stitching...The background was free-motion stitched in a wonky pattern leaving the light blue..skyline...empty of quilting...The flowers were stitched with a variety of patterns... blanket stitch, close overcast and filled with tiny x's.. I think it was the perfect embellishment for a fabric postcard going to California.

3. The reverse side of the fabric postcard required a certain framework. I needed to print on fabric and then adhere it to the reverse side.
I found this part a bit of a challenge. I had been experimenting with Wonder Under ironed to the base fabric and then put through the printer (IT WORKS!!!)..But then I wanted to highlight the address, write a note and place a return address...Yikes...spacing is a challenge..(The addresses have been erased to protect us innocence.) leaving the smudge appearance in the photo. Better spacing, better photo next time..

4. Final goal was to figure out how to mail a fabric psotcard.
That was simple...go to the post office...ask for a postcard stamp...adhere...drop of and in several days it finds its home...Honestly, I thought the postman would laugh at me....even in the teeny tiny post office at Coopers Mills they have mailed fabric postcards before...

Check out mini number 2 that I also created this week. A Halloween card that uses this mosaic design process using  a tutorial from Kerry's website. I love this process.  I have used it when making a purse for the PLPS (Pretty Little Purse Swap). Please come join us Round Three will be starting soon.

#1 Final project 4" X6" stamped, mailed, arrived!!
#2. The ad that states,"You can't eat just one."   WELL...You can't just make one...Halloween Postcard ready to mail out...

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  1. That little summer postcard turned out fantastic. Your address/message side is so creative and interesting. Thanks for visiting my blog and I can't wait to see your new postcard binding! Now I'm off to be a follower of your blog.