Monday, September 5, 2011

Week One....Mini Quilt Monday SewAlong

Afternoon everyone... I spent a bit to much time deciding on a project and then choosing fabric. I am afraid I have the beginnings of a mini quilt but not a finished project...YET!!!!.
I thought and thought about what my new learnings should be this week and came up with this list:

1.   Redraft a full size quilt to mini quilt size I had attempted this with  Red Pepper Quilt pattern for my DQS11 quilt. It was painful, after many many trials and errors I was able to make a quilt that fit within the size requirements and maintained the patterns design elements. I decided to try this again with this project, only on a simpler scale. The DQS 11 quilt had 5 different design elements to deal with. YIKES..... The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman  was just what I needed. Two cups of coffee, breakfast, lunch and America's Got Talent later. I found a suitable challenge.  The pattern for the Rain or Shine Quilt was simple in style and yet, it made a huge statement......It was perfect for my redraft....

2. Creating a paper piecing template.  I have had great luck with  graph paper as of late... I wanted to try my luck at creating a template. I had learned a number of tricks from my previous quilt. I love adding extra spaces for the sashings. I always have a bit of trouble getting those straight... Adding the width of the sash plus two seam allowances gives the opportunity to make a connected piece.  My template at the left shows my coded squares and a bottom sash piece connecting to the next square... It worked!!!!!!

3. Try a quilt pattern I have never worked with.  Rain or Shine is a basic pinwheel design. I have been brainstorming many other colorways and uses for a single block.. I even thought of varying the block sizes..Check out my mini pinwheels... I have 12 complete, 8 more to go until I can think of quilting....BUT WAIT...I have adjusted this pattern enough for now..I just need to choose fabrics....

4. Use a fabric line I was unfamiliar with. I have been hearing about the Denise Schmidt fabrics sold at Joann's... Several weeks ago my curiosity was peaked when a DS Mini Guilt Swap was opened up on Flickr. I purchased some sample fabrics and fell in love with the designs. The nostalgia, remembering many of the projects my grammie Rice had on her sewing table. I pulled out the Picnic and Fairground fabrics and began piecing...My little practice squares (checking for size..... turned into scrappy pincushions(This would make a great little tutorial, maybe)....Oh yes...
The pattern calls for a yoyo in the center...How cute, can't wait to get to that stage...

5. Try out controlled free-motion (Is that an oxymoron?) stitching. I have several books that provide detailed instruction for this technique... I hope I can find a suitable pattern for this little mini quilt when I finish the top.

That was it for week #1, five goals. I completed all (but the quilt) and the quilting. Next Monday I will show you the completed quilt and ...hopefully week twos project.

Check out all of the beautiful week one projects over at Fresh  Lemon Quilts.....


  1. Wow! I love your goals, your design altering and your fabrics! Those are just the cutest little pin cushions!

  2. Wow! And I thought I had a lot going on in my first MQM! Awesome job so far. I love the pincushions!

  3. I really like the quilt pattern you chose. It looks like such a fun block. The little pincusion you made with it is super adorable with the little yoyo center!

  4. Love the colours in those little pin cushions!! I found your blog via lily's quilts small blog meet.