Friday, February 18, 2011

...And A Response to our Challenge...

I love this idea!  Later this week, I'm planning a post to welcome the new Sewing Buddies and offer them some ideas for ways to connect and activities to do together.  I would really like to include this there.  Will you and Shari give me some ideas of how the two of you are working on this together, and I'll brainstorm some ways we can open it to the other Buddies?

Thanks so much for thinking to open this to the rest of the group!

Morning Deborah, Thanks so much for organizing the Sewing Buddies. I have made several contacts with Shari and we have a project in the works. We will be starting our journey by making slippers for the Pink Slipper Project. (You can find a link from my blog Might we find a way to connect and open the challenge to other Sewing Buddies? I am new at blogging, new at sewing buddies and am looking to you for a bit of directions. Shari and I thought a project to bring smiles to faces of persons in need would be a great start for us!! Let me know what you think...Thanks... Pat

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