Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Information about our Pink Slipper Challenge.... Join us!!!!!!

An email of inquiry from Shari and I ............
On 2/13/11 12:45 PM, Pat Block wrote:

Afternoon Joyce....I am working with Shari to accept a year long challenge as Sewing Buddies.  The Sewing Buddies was started by a great lady at whipstitch.com. Shari and I are both new at this blogland challenge world and thought it might be great to do something to support others as our first project. Blog searching found your group. I have referenced your group with a link and set up a tentative challenge on my blog:
                                From the Walpole Woods 
We do have a couple of quick questions.
First, we are checking to make sure you are fine with our setting up a support challenge for you all.
Second, do any of the shelters in Louisiana or Maine have a connection with the Pink Slipper Project. I live in coastal Maine near Christmas Cove and Shari is from a rural area in Louisiana. It would be wonderful if we could start that support network, or provide our finished slippers to a shelter  in one of our hometown areas.
Third, has anyone already adapted the One Seam Rag Slipper for other sizes. I am a bit uncomfortable modifying the pattern to fit a child or young adult. My hopes are that that has been done and we can connect with someone to get a jpeg pattern.

This is just a quick email to inquire...Let us know your thoughts...Thanks a bunch..
And an incredible response from Joyce......
Hi Pat!
Thanks so much for your interest in working with the Pink Slipper Project. We're thrilled to have you on board.

We are thrilled that you are setting up a support challenge for the PSP. What a wonderful think!

We don't currently have shelters in Maine and Louisiana that have requested our services...but I think it would be a great idea to donate your slippers to your local area shelters. We're doing this with another group. If you'd like to send me info on the shelters that you choose to sponsor, and as much info about your group and the challenge at hand, we'll post on our website. Please take lots of pics that we can share on the Pink Slipper website too. We'll want to keep your group in the news. As a matter of fact, once I have all the info, I'll create a page for your group and your challenge so that we can update progress.

This is all so exciting!

As far as the slipper pattern goes, use your printing software and reduce the pattern by 25% for child. Yo really can't mess up when reducing or enlarging. We have so many different size feet to stitch for. Wide feet, narrow feet, short feet, long feet. I have a size chart I can send you. It will give you some guidance.

I look forward to hearing much more about your blogland challenge! Please let me know how I can help you promote it. Do you need a blog button?

I look forward to working with you. Joyce

Where do we start? Where we always start..... With a stack of wonderful fabric...

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