Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Finish Line....Mug Rugs Complete...

One of my fabric scrap "clean ups" is to use the strip quilting technique. A basket full of scraps, my rotary cutter, a bit of muslin as a stabilizer and I am off to the sewing machine to create a piece of fabric. I joined a Pay It Forward Swap and decided to use up a bunch of scraps to create something unique to send to three individuals who dared to take a chance on my sewing skills...Alas, I think my blog had a few glitches and people were not able to join up... I think I have fixed the problem....Please sign up to receive one of this little pretties....MUG RUGS....my new found canvas!!! Check out the Pay It Forward post below and be one of the first three to post your own challenge on your blog, make sure I have your address and check out the mail for a "scrappy mug rug"( complete with a mystery package) from the coast of Maine.

The journey to the completed project:

The Scrap Bin
Cutting Strips 1/2", 1", 1 1/4"

Off to the Sewing Machine
Another Cut...Another Seam

Sneak peak.... Binding to go...Click for a great tutorial at VeryKerryBerry
The Infamous binding....
Mitre a Corner! How many pins?
The finished product????


  1. Ooh! I cannot wait to see them, and I love your new blog look too.

  2. Thanks Jennie... I am trying to figure out how to upload my photos as a slideshow, rather than as individuals... Still learning, I am also dabbling with how to make pages and connects posts to them..So much to learn so little time... I am back at work full tilt in 5 days!!! Thanks again for all of your encouragement....